Time of great depression

by Bebè Na Volè

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released January 29, 2015

all tracks composed, performed and recorded at home from 2004 - 2014 by Adam Semijalac
backing vocals on 12. by Ana Semijalac
mastered, produced and compiled by Viseslav Labos
tracks 1., 2., 4., 5., 9., 10. mixed by Viseslav Labos
tracks 3., 6., 7., 8., 11., 12. mixed by Adam Semijalac
artwork by Mislav Lesic
cover design by Dobrisa Radovanovic




Track Name: Pills
In your house
Got no friends
You're on pills
Getting bent

Every time
Every fight
Your life
Your own plight

Better believe that it's like this
World ain't gonna change to your liking

All the lying
Damage done
Be yourself
Be no one

In the shade
Your own mind
Looking good
Being blind

Better believe that it's like this
World ain't gonna change to your liking
Leave it alone
Track Name: Goin' Mad
I done stayed up all night
Believe my woman didn't do me right

I just smoked the last cigarette
Laughing, crying, going mad

All I feel is a ton of pain
Makes you live another day

I been sitting' way too long
Everything goin' fucking wrong
Track Name: All my regrets
Just when I turned into an animal
then I danced the dance of death

All my friends turned invisible
Fuck them all, I'll die myself

My nerves are blown but so is everyone
Love shall last in the hears of pets

Deny myself cause it feels so phenomenal
To those I love I leave all my regrets

My father loves me but he's still a cannibal
There's a glove for each and every hand

Son of art and daughter of Reverend
Cut some meat and put it on your gland

Love hurts and it's all so chemical
Why don't you give it a rest

If I am a man then this is all terrible
Glory-hole inside my head
Track Name: Wait for you
Wait for you so hopefully
You come and save what's left of me

Hanging on a tiny string
Your fight for life that blooms within

Please uncover me I am here
you know my courage disappears

all the sacrifice the world is cold as ice
you know I'm right

wait for you so hopefully
won't you come and save what's left of me?

swore to things I would not leave
you know there is so much stuff stronger than me

I awake I wonder alone
where is my happy home?

I fall apart, unnatural world
i don't even know who's my girl

wait for you so hopelessly
won't you come and save what's left of me
Track Name: Sunny days are over
I want you to tell him
I never made it
Life is so degrading
for the ones not bending

I let him devour
all of my emotions
He is like a baby
And I'm out of order

Over by the fountain
Fear was in the water
I learned what a friend is
Now you're not my father

Why are you so selfish
Raping every moment
What does have to happen
So you can learn your lesson

Sunny days are over

I was born to haunt you

I am just an echo in my mother's silence
Track Name: Karen
Where are you now my only son?
Those stabbing wounds belong to someone
The night is long , the search has begun
Where are you now my only son?

Her blouse was white but now is red
What was the last thing that went thru her head?
Was she looking you in the eye?
Cut her throat and silence her cries

If I could know what went through her mind
Family portrait with no wall to hang on
How can you murder someone you love?
Turn you lover into a corpse

Was it the voices and their cries?
Now she has found you, she'l never say goodbye
Her blouse was white but now is red
What was the last thing that went thru her head?
Track Name: Coffee & Cigarettes
Caffeine and cigarettes
Bound to kill me sometime soon
Either that or the shit I been
cooking in my spoon

Pills and alcohol
Bound to put me down to my grave
Oh coffee and cigarettes
Bound to lay me down in my grave
Ain't nobody's fool
But sure as hell I am a slave
Coffee and cigarettes
Track Name: Fool myself
I made a fool of myself

Might do it again

I made you believe

I was someone else

I failed to deliver

Such a burden to live

When you fail to deliver
Track Name: The great fall
Mother is sitting in the tree
waving a rope at me
Father is shovelling the land
looking like a lucky man
Sister is falling into sleep
hoping that we all delete
I'm hoping none of it were true
choking on a small balloon

wind is raking thru our hair
lifetime of pure despair
running on low self-esteem
beehive lost it's queen
Track Name: Why can't you feel?
Why can't you feel what I feel?
Why don't you see what I see?
I wish you knew what I knew.
Then you'd know just what to do.
Why don't you feel what I feel?
Why can't you see all my pain?
Why can't you feel what I feel?
Track Name: Time of great depression
In the time of great depression
I was licking candy
by the time Pappa rested
I sat down and varied
All the streets in the county
look like they gonna eat me
Head out to the white-coat mansion
Have my medication
Mama's words kept on ringing
felt like I was slipping
All my friends high as crickets
One of them named Mandy
Hey now watchman what you singing
make my head all windy
All day long I was smiling
My good will was failing
Where was I when god landed
Headlights on a sparrow
Reaching out for all that loving
Shoot the sherif standing
Track Name: Given yourself trouble
Given yourself trouble
now Ill give you mine
believe I started drinking
because I cannot deal with life
Sometimes I am heavy
Next time float on rye
Pass another fear of trying
Victory is all mine

Seen my day of dying
Seen the burial ground
See us pass out all our trouble
But I don't see no one crying

Given myself trouble
Wasted so much time
Took my medication
Fold my arms and die
Track Name: What am I gonna do? (bonus)
What am I gonna do when I am left without you?
Where would I go? My head turn white as snow.
Where would I turn, where would I go if not to you?
Sometime I feel like I could die. no reason to go on.
That's why I keep moving right on.
What am I gonna do, boy, when I'm without you?
Track Name: Doctor Doctor (bonus)
Doctor doctor what will ever 'come of me?
I'm too young to go through all this misery
Mind is weak, Lord my heart is made of gold.
I won't live to see the day I get old
Gypsy woman don't you tell me no lie
Both you and I know, time has come for me to die.
Goodbye cruel world, goodbye friends I never had
Suffered so much I am better off dead
When I die don't want Church to burry me
Just burn my body under the mother fucking willow tree
Doctor doctor what will ever 'come of me?